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n. mediastinitis, infl. del tejido del mediastino.
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Tienen un riesgo alto de invasion bacteriana que puede dar lugar al desarrollo tardio de abscesos cervicales o retrofaringeos, mediastinitis o neumonia (8, 12).
Esophageal perforation by foreign body allows introduction of pathogens into the mediastinum, which results in life-threatening mediastinitis.
Complications include pharyngocutaneous fistulae, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury, pneumomediastinum, mediastinitis, and a 2% mortality rate.
This procedure lost its popularity because of certain complications like rebleeding in case of large ulcers, stricture formations, less common complications like perforation, mediastinitis and more number of sessions required to obliterate varices.
3 Extrinsic compression of central pulmonary veins (a) Fibrosing mediastinitis (b) Adenopathy/tumors 2.
Coagulase negative staphylococci are important causative agents of 10% of pyogenic infections in hospitals which include a range of infections like surgical wound sepsis, bacteraemia, Native Valve Endocarditis (NVE) and prosthetic valve endocarditis, osteomyelitis, pyoarthritis, peritonitis, mediastinitis, prostatitis, infection of vascular grafts and pacemakers, infective intravascular catheters, cerebrospinal fluid shunts, orthopaedic devices and urinary tract infections.
Complications of Lemierre's syndrome include extension of the thrombophlebitis to involve other vessels such as the pharyngeal venous plexus and cavernous sinus, meningitis, brain abscesses, descending necrotising mediastinitis, necrosis of infected blood vessels, suppurative arthritis and endocarditis.
Dental caries leading to pulp gangrene and its complications (including pathological gingival pockets) and inflammation developing on the follicular cysts can be the cause of regional abscesses and phlegmons, bacteraemia, endocarditis, brain abscesses, mediastinitis, and other general complications threatening a patient's life [11].
Potential complications of these infections consist of orbital infections6, cerebral abscess7 and cavernous sinus thrombosis8 mediastinitis.
In the literature, five of 11 patients had infections and one patient died of mediastinitis and pneumonia 22 days after the surgery.
The multitude of diseases affecting the mediastinum very considerably, ranging from tumor, cysts, vascular anomalies, lymph node masses, mediastinitis, mediastinal fibrosis, to pneumomediastinum.