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Noun1.Mediateness - the quality of being mediatemediateness - the quality of being mediate  
indirectness - having the characteristic of lacking a true course toward a goal
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The establishment of this mediateness results in a mode of personal particularity which does not stand in a brute opposition to the infinity of universal personality, but manifests itself as a standpoint in which this universal is reflected in itself, in an inwardness thanks to which the moral personality has itself as its "object" (14).
Moreover, as we have seen, the virtuality of his vision, its mediateness by contrast with the immediacy of Dante's, places the whole of Merrill's narrative world between ontological brackets, subjects it to a kind of blanket de-realization, an all-over, wall-to-wall 'weakening'.
man abandoned immediacy in the communication of the concrete, name, and fell into the abyss of the mediateness of all communication, of the word as means, of the empty word, into the abyss of prattle" (120).