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v. me·di·at·ed, me·di·at·ing, me·di·ates
1. To resolve or settle (differences) by working with all the conflicting parties: mediate a labor-management dispute.
2. To bring about (a settlement, for example) by working with all the conflicting parties.
a. To effect or convey as an intermediate agent or mechanism: chemicals that mediate inflammation.
b. Physics To convey (a force) between subatomic particles.
1. To work with two or more disputants in order to bring about an agreement, settlement, or compromise.
2. To settle or reconcile differences: "[George] Eliot's effort to mediate between the conflicting demands of representation and readability in the [novel's] dialect usage" (Carol A. Martin).
3. To have a relation to two differing persons, groups, or things: psychological processes that mediate between stimulus and response.
adj. (-ĭt)
1. Acting through, involving, or dependent on an intervening agency.
2. Being in a middle position.

[Late Latin mediāre, mediāt-, to be in the middle, from Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

me′di·ate·ly (-ĭt-lē) adv.
me′di·a′tion (-ā′shən) n.
me′di·a′tive, me′di·a·to′ry (mē′dē-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Cette edition a laquelle a pris part un parterre d'une trentaine de journalistes de la presse nationale, toutes categories et disciplines confondues, a connu un succes retentissant sur les plans de l'organisation et de l'affluence mediative.
Secondly, the hypothesis about a mediative role of controlled motivation in the relationship between job autonomy and workaholism has not been supported.
antinomic opposition, ceaselessly traversed by a mediative force which
We can notice that his saju has a contrasting energy composition of the water and the fire elements without any mediative energy.
The goal is to show the healing or mediative power of the arts even in difficult political times.
In contrast, Christian theology seems to put more of an emphasis upon God as the causal and mediative agent when it comes to grace.
Pinpointing such mediative relationships increases theoretical precision (Rungtusanatham, Miller, and Boyer 2014), and it adds to a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics inherent to the acceptance of MDA for SCM.
The understandable yearning for certainty in advance of this multi-dimensional societal mediative process often misleads clients and can create enormous pressures on GCs.
In 2012, DeLancey no longer believes that Turkish and Tibetan exhibit miratives; instead Turkish has a 'mediative' (2012: 540, 546) and Tibetan an 'immediate evidential' (2012: 554).