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tr.v. me·di·a·tized, me·di·a·tiz·ing, me·di·a·tiz·es
To annex (a lesser state) to a greater state as a means of permitting the ruler of the lesser state to retain title and partial authority.

[Probably French médiatiser, from médiat, dependent, from Old French, back-formation from immediat, independent, from Late Latin immediātus; see immediate.]

me′di·a·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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The mediatization of society, Nordicom Review, 29(2): 105-134.
In the theoretical framework adopted, whose foundations are based mainly on the work of Michel Foucault, the results show that the discursive practices of the weekly magazines focused on the metamorphoses that the body of the Labor Party candidate had suffered to represent her predecessor, producing a politicized body, which was strengthened by the readability of immaterial and inhuman technological mechanisms, but insightful in the mediatization of a "body candidate", which in turn was denounced by the press as an electoral product.
In this context, mediatization theory, as Bennett & Iyengar (2008) point out, would be applied less forcefully to the current communicative ecosystem, and in particular to digital media, given the context of competition and the breadth of supply.
In so far as we hold up as an initial hypothesis that the aforementioned mediatization is the significant supply for the study of this age sensitivity and it has its symbolic effects on the school space.
Therefore, initial cues may not have one specific starting point but a multitude of initial cues in times of mediatization.
Tenders are invited for Scenarization and Mediatization of E-learning Modules.
Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of 644 messages presented by Israeli officials with respect to the Israeli-Arab conflict and Israeli-Palestinian conflict over three different periods (1967-73; 1993-2000; 2009-12), the study points to foreign relations defined by the existence of negotiations rather than mediatization processes as the significant factor that impacts the rhetorical dynamics of conflict resolution negotiations, due to the amplified pressures of a two-level game during periods of rapprochement.
0" confronts its audience by engaging canonization itself in the age of mediatization.
They cover secret munitions: genealogies of crypto-politics; births of "public:" translating media, traveling contexts; seeing/doing: mediatization, passive politics, and dissents in images; inside out: individuation, digitization, and new global publics; and (whose) inclusion (where).