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 (ə-sĕp′sĭs, ā-)
1. The state of being free of pathogenic microorganisms.
2. The process of removing pathogenic microorganisms or protecting against infection by such organisms.


(əˈsɛpsɪs; eɪ-)
1. (Medicine) the state of being free from living pathogenic organisms
2. (Medicine) the methods of achieving a germ-free condition


(əˈsɛp sɪs, eɪˈsɛp-)

1. absence of the microorganisms that produce sepsis or septic disease.
2. methods, as sterile surgical techniques, used to assure asepsis.


1. absence of bacteria of a harmful nature.
2. the techniques of achieving this condition. — aseptic, adj.
See also: Cleanliness
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Noun1.asepsis - (of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organismsasepsis - (of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms
sanitariness - the state of being conducive to health
2.asepsis - the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganismsasepsis - the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganisms
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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It addresses medical records and documentation, patient screenings, assisting patients with special needs, infection control and medical asepsis, sterilization procedures, instrument identification, surgical supplies, assisting with minor office surgeries and wound care procedures, vital signs and measurements, assisting with examinations and procedures, diet and nutrition, the evaluation and care of pediatric patients, orthopedics, rehabilitation, physical therapy, medical laboratory concepts, diagnostic imaging, pharmacology, and emergency care.
Medical asepsis refers to infection control practices that endeavor to decrease the number and/or transfer of disease-producing organisms from one person or place to another.
Stella was instructed to clean up the mess, and because she had not yet received her lecture on medical asepsis, she did not wash her hands after performing this duty and contracted typhoid.

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