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Noun1.medical community - the body of individuals who are qualified to practice medicinemedical community - the body of individuals who are qualified to practice medicine
health profession - the body of individuals whose work helps to maintain the health of their clients
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He said that a poster exhibition would also be arranged to sensitise the public and medical community about various diseases.
This annual event is a fun time for the medical community to enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the pool and build stronger relationships.
In this position, Koppel will be responsible for strengthening Pentax Medical's interface between its products, its patients and the medical community.
Carefluence allows all physicians within a medical community to work off the same set of medical records without manual intervention.
It is as if patients' radiological images were all examined by a single company that didn't give the medical community a chance to learn from them.
The medical community needs to strive harder to provide useful materials for families when they leave the hospital with a diagnosis.
Ryan praised the Houston medical community for working hard to land the games.
Rizwan Taj President of PPS says that "This incident has saddened the psychiatric community and the medical community in the whole country serious concerns has been expressed by members of the association of Pakistanis Psychiatrist of North America.
Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) has developed a simulation tool called the Simulation Medical Data Server (SMDS) that provides simulated data to the mission command application used by the medical community during deployments, the Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater (MSAT) portal.
launched a new corporate logo and tagline as it marks three decades of dedication and service to physicians and the medical community.
Of the reports that were submitted by professionals, the agency identified 87 for a comprehensive review, "demonstrating a relatively strong level of knowledge in the medical community about what constitutes misleading promotion,'" an FDA announcement said.
Rosenblatt will be Merck's primary voice to the global medical community and will speak to critical issues such as patient safety," the company said in a release.

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