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Noun1.medical diagnosis - identification of a disease from its symptomsmedical diagnosis - identification of a disease from its symptoms
diagnosing, diagnosis - identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon
differential diagnosis - a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e.g., headache) that lacks unique symptoms or signs
medical prognosis, prognosis, prospect - a prediction of the course of a disease
diagnostic procedure, diagnostic technique - a procedure followed in making a medical diagnosis
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury
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Several authors [10-15] employed intuitionistic fuzzy sets in medical diagnosis and cited De et al.
In the early 1970s, nurses and educators in the US realized that nurses independently diagnose and treat "something" related to patients and their families that was different from medical diagnosis, and began working out a taxonomy and body of best practices under the auspices of NANDA (originally but no longer the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association), now NANDA International or NANDA-I.
Greening has also proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to allow gender reassignment surgery without a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, a mental health condition where someone's gender identity does not match their physical body.
The portable system allows for testing to be performed at the initial stages of medical diagnosis and intervention.
CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Study Guide
Arriving at a medical diagnosis requires information obtained from a patient history, physical examination, and the results of laboratory investigation.
Focusing on internal medicine, this edition of Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment delivers coverage of more than 1000 diseases and disorders.
of Wellington, New Zealand) explores the social nature of medical diagnosis across a range of topics.
A survey by Quinn Healthcare showed 46% of people find the cost of attending their GP encourages them to consult the internet for medical diagnosis.
Clinicians famous in their respective fields have produced 2010 Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, a solid survey of treatment and symptoms of over 1,000 diseases and disorders.
The focus of my professional work is on helping patients cope with medical diagnosis.
Remaining chapters discuss spherical and anisotropic copper materials in medical diagnosis, spherical and anisotropic silver nanomaterials in medical therapy and medical diagnosis, health and environmental impact of silver nanomaterials, spherical and anisotropic gold nanomaterials in medical therapy, biological and biomaterials-assisted synthesis of precious metal nanoparticles, spherical and anisotropic gold nanomaterials in plasmonic laser phototherapy of cancer, and application of metallic nanoparticles in textiles.

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