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A CONSULTATION on reforms to death certification and the introduction of medical examiners in Wales has been launched.
Gardner said that Paul Shrode, the medical examiner, wrongly classified the death as a homicide.
However, an Egyptian medical examiner who performed the autopsy told judges yesterday that it was simply "not possible" for someone to kill themselves in this way.
The medical examiner said the cause and manner of death are under investigation with police ruling out foul play.
Rivers had been sedated during the procedure with propofol, the medical examiner said.
Personally, I don't trust him to do so and I'm always present when he attempts to remove organs," the medical examiner said.
To the Editor: Medical examiners and coroners (ME/C) investigate [approximately equal to]20% of all deaths in the United States (1); these include persons who die outside the health care system or die precipitously without a confirmed diagnosis.
Terrel Harris of the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security said the medical examiner hasn't determined the cause of death of 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
Meanwhile, the medical examiner confirmed in his report that there was no criminal cause of death and that doctors exerted all efforts to treatment the child but without any use.
Because of staff cuts, come May 20 there will be no medical death investigators to respond to local reports of accidental, suspicious or unexplained deaths, the deputy medical examiner, forensic pathologist Dr.
Based on the report listing Mildred's cause of death, the medical examiner did not conduct a complete autopsy and Mildred's body was released to her family for burial.
pneumonia, in persistent vegetative state following head injury, must be directed to the Medical Examiner of the County in which the death occurred.

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