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Noun1.medical practice - the practice of medicinemedical practice - the practice of medicine    
practice - the exercise of a profession; "the practice of the law"; "I took over his practice when he retired"
family medicine, family practice - medical practice that provides health care regardless of age or sex while placing emphasis on the family unit
group practice - (medicine) the practice of medicine by a group of physicians who share their premises and other resources
quackery, empiricism - medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
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But results which depend on human conscience and intelligence work slowly, and now at the end of 1829, most medical practice was still strutting or shambling along the old paths, and there was still scientific work to be done which might have seemed to be a direct sequence of Bichat's.
Baron Rivar, after inquiry at the consul's, secured the services of Doctor Bruno, well known as an eminent physician in Venice; with the additional recommendation of having resided in England, and having made himself acquainted with English forms of medical practice.
"He told me that such cases as Clara's were by no means unfamiliar to medical practice. 'We know,' he told me, 'that certain disordered conditions of the brain and the nervous system produce results quite as extraordinary as any that you have described--and there our knowledge ends.
In his medical practice he was a more prudent man; picking up his discretion
"And I hope, also," he continued, sitting down in the rocking-chair, "that the cares of medical practice have not entirely obliterated the interest which you used to take in our little deductive problems."
Homoeopathy is insignificant as an art of healing, but of great value as criticism on the hygeia or medical practice of the time.
Kimble, on the ground that it was as well to try what could do no harm--a principle which was made to answer for a great deal of work in that gentleman's medical practice. Silas did not highly enjoy smoking, and often wondered how his neighbours could be so fond of it; but a humble sort of acquiescence in what was held to be good, had become a strong habit of that new self which had been developed in him since he had found Eppie on his hearth: it had been the only clew his bewildered mind could hold by in cherishing this young life that had been sent to him out of the darkness into which his gold had departed.
The number of deaths from influenza was estimated using two approaches: observations from a general medical practice and data from a vaccine trial.
Profiting from Quality: Outcomes Strategies for Medical Practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999.
Since September 1999, when her company began developing the first Web-based medical practice software, this 29-year-old has scarcely taken time to glance in the rearview mirror.
The chapter "Cost Accounting" covers the 'why' and 'how' in regards to a medical practice in the process of cost accounting analysis so that management is in a better position to negotiate the rates with insurance companies.
In recent years, social historians of medicine have illuminated how medical practice developed in the context of changing cultural and social values.

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