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Noun1.medical practitioner - someone who practices medicinemedical practitioner - someone who practices medicine  
dental practitioner, dentist, tooth doctor - a person qualified to practice dentistry
doc, doctor, physician, Dr., MD, medico - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
caregiver, health care provider, health professional, PCP, primary care provider - a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability
inoculator, vaccinator - a medical practitioner who inoculates people against diseases
medical officer, medic - a medical practitioner in the armed forces
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We hear sometimes of an action for damages against the unqualified medical practitioner, who has deformed a broken limb in pretending to heal it.
Alexander Gale, medical practitioner, residing in the village or hamlet of Dingdovie, near Edinburgh.
His eye fell upon a newly-painted tenement which had been recently converted into something between a shop and a private house, and which a red lamp, projecting over the fanlight of the street door, would have sufficiently announced as the residence of a medical practitioner, even if the word 'Surgery' had not been inscribed in golden characters on a wainscot ground, above the window of what, in times bygone, had been the front parlour.
A medical practitioner, who resided on the spot, was in constant attendance upon her; and after first seeing the patient, he had taken Mrs.
The case being a serious one, a medical practitioner of the highest grade in the profession was required to treat it.
"In Kennington Road, and within a few hundred yards of Morse Hudson's shop, there lives a well-known medical practitioner, named Dr.
He added as per law, medical practitioner or a dentist possessing any recognized medical or dental qualification whose name is maintained on the register of the council can do job or start practice as doctors in the country.
He said that a mobile app had been designed which would help distinguish between a authentically qualified medical practitioner and a quack.
He said a mobile app had been designed by the commission which would help distinguish between an authentically qualified medical practitioner and a quack.
If passed, the new law would allow a person who has a terminal illness, with decision-making capacity, and who is experiencing unacceptable pain, suffering or distress, to request assistance from a medical practitioner to end their life.
Kurunegala Police Station had recorded a lengthy statement from the controversial medical practitioner during which it was uncovered that the suspect was not an MBBS doctor as claimed before, but was only a homeopathy medical practitioner with a medical qualification from India.
COMPRESSION Garments such as stockings or armsleeves, if prescribed need to be worn every day as directed by your medical practitioner and removed at night.

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