medical record linkage

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med·i·cal rec·ord linkage

n. conexión del expediente médico.
1. cualquier información que conecte al paciente con su expediente médico;
2. colección de datos de la historia clínica de un paciente proporcionada por varias fuentes;
3. cualquier dato referente a un paciente participante en un estudio clínico que pueda revelar su identidad como sujeto participante.
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Initiative and willingness of health care providers through voluntary reporting, after prescription event monitoring, computerized medical record linkage; dissemination of ADR data (Drug alerts, medical letters) with changing in labelling, statuary warning and, precaution will prevent many disabilities/ hazards due to ADRs.
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So, the next step is to create those medical record linkages, which requires interfacing with each of the hospitals' information systems, and more importantly, their affiliated physicians and their office EMR systems.
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