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Noun1.medical report - a report of the results of a medical examination of a patientmedical report - a report of the results of a medical examination of a patient
report, written report, study - a written document describing the findings of some individual or group; "this accords with the recent study by Hill and Dale"
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But she was taken ill the same night; she has grown worse and worse ever since; and the last medical report is, that the fever from which she has been suffering is in a fair way to settle on her brain.
I have heard the medical report. Don't trouble yourself to repeat it."
Summary: As an employee, it is your responsibility to prove your sickness through valid medical reports and/or medical certificates.
He is said to have falsely obtained a medical report and employer's report to obtain the cash.
Judge Huw Rees heard the offence "may have been triggered by her mental state" and adjourned the sentencing until July 26 while a medical report was put together.
In the petition, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme, stated that he be allowed to submit verified medical reports by foreign doctors for the fulfillment of justice.
A list of medicines being given to the prisoner currently was also attached with the medical report.
The initial medical report confirmed the offence while the detailed report was awaited, police said, adding the accused had been arrested.
The medical report mentioned that he has been suffering from cardiac issues, irregularity in blood sugar levels, and a third-grade kidney disease, and his health is being monitored thoroughly.
Justice Kiyani said medical report of Jinnah Hospital was still awaited and Nawaz's counsel would also like to give arguments in the light of this report.
His argument is that the medical report established that the victim was conscious and she sustained laceration from the back of her right neck about 14 centimeters below he right ear.
New Delhi [India], Feb 21 ( ANI ): Citing the medical report of Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash the Delhi Police on Wednesday said the bureaucrat was allegedly assaulted.

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