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Noun1.medical school - a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degreemedical school - a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degree
grad school, graduate school - a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree
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The examination Philip had passed before he was articled to a chartered accountant was sufficient qualification for him to enter a medical school.
Philip found that his first lecture was in anatomy, at eleven, and about half past ten he limped across the road, and a little nervously made his way to the Medical School.
A fine fever hospital in addition to the old infirmary might be the nucleus of a medical school here, when once we get our medical reforms; and what would do more for medical education than the spread of such schools over the country?
THE MEDICAL School of the University of Cyprus (UCy) has not enjoyed the best of starts, with several important aspects of its operation still not sorted.
The second updated edition of How to Succeed at Medical School: An Essential Guide to Learning is written by experienced medical school teachers and offers case studies, quotes from other students, sidebars of tips, exercises, portfolios and more to teach the basics of how to overcome common obstacles in medical school.
Medical school in key support ASTON University's PS60 million project for a medical school in the heart of Birmingham has been officially endorsed and guaranteed by its Leicester counterpart.
Furthermore, the ministry is planning to prevent vocational medical school graduates from becoming nurses and obstetricians in the future.
The number of students applying to medical school hit an all-time high this year, according to figures from the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Using data from Pennsylvania, the researchers found no significant difference in the death rates of patients treated by international medical school graduates vs.
WORCESTER - A study of how well the country's medical schools serve their social mission ranked the University of Massachusetts Medical School 17th out of 141 schools nationwide, and the only New England school in the top 20.
Attending a medical school that boasts a racially and ethnically diverse student body is likely to help students feel more prepared to care for minority populations, according to a study in the Sept.
At Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, all of our students participate in a traditional lecture-based curriculum during their first year of medical school, followed by a primarily-problem-based learning curriculum in their second year.

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