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Noun1.medical scientist - a scientist who studies disease processesmedical scientist - a scientist who studies disease processes
epidemiologist - a medical scientist who studies the transmission and control of epidemic diseases
immunologist - a medical scientist who specializes in immunology
scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
serologist - a medical scientist who specializes in serology
toxicologist - one who studies the nature and effects of poisons and their treatment
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Meant for those with all types of educational backgrounds, these include accountant, carpenter, nurse, college professor, computer systems analyst, counselor, construction manager, financial planner, medical scientist, paralegal, physician, public relations specialist, software engineer, renewable energy and green industry workers, and teacher.
A ten-year-old boy is planning a career as a medical scientist to find a cure for the disease that killed his little sister.
Chief bio medical scientist Geoff Trew said: "Every time we take a sample, it costs us pounds 50 just to try to match it, so this money is very important.
German medical scientist zur Hausen, retired in 2003, has specialized in both virology and cancer.
When Madonna and co bought it, it attracted people who have simply come to see where her pub is," the Daily Express quoted Sarah Venkata, a medical scientist who lives opposite the pub, as saying.
APPEAL LAUNCH: Chief medical scientist Paula Taplin and clinical cytologist Dennis Williams with a pamphlet on the pounds 30,000 ThinPrep processor.
A medical scientist who forged ethics committee documents was yesterday found guilty of serious professional misconduct and banned from carrying out unsupervised research for a year.
In the future, consulting this renowned medical scientist will no longer require trekking throughout Persia.
A MEDICAL scientist who has established an international reputation for his work has received the degree of Doctor of Science at Aston University.

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