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Noun1.medical social worker - an official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patientsmedical social worker - an official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients
caseworker, social worker, welfare worker - someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)
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Implementation: The CCP employs dyads of regionally-based Registered Nurse (RN) and Medical Social Worker teams working directly with beneficiaries, the primary care provider (PCP) and specialty care provider(s), AHS partners and community based organizations to devise the plan of care based on assessment of medical and psychosocial needs and gaps and/or barriers in implementation and achievement of the clinical treatment plan.
The program, launched in 2005, includes a pediatrician, internist, nurse-coordinator, unit manager, and medical social worker.
Manoguerra is a second career student after some 14 years as a medical social worker.
I later moved to the medical social workers office and worked with Mary Cope (group medical social worker), Brenda Barrow, Linda Platten, Ruth Brindley and Val Chapman.
In Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide To Educate And Inspire, Iris Waichler draws upon her years of experience as a medical social worker to address the difficult emotional and physical health issues surrounding issue of infertility.
Maria Nguyen, a medical social worker in Kansas City, Kan.
Kevin Mossop is a medical social worker with the labour and delivery and neonatal intensive care units at Trillium.
Johnson, MSW, medical social worker, liver transplant program, the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; OPO Representative --Helen W.
In January, Patient Press released a new book called Faith and Illness: Reflections on God's Sustaining Love that documents Groves' experiences as a medical social worker.
Dame Helen, who becomes an honorary Doctor of Law, began working as a medical social worker at Nottingham City Hospital after reading social administration with psychology and law at the city's university.
The girl was under the supervision of a medical social worker and they obviously had their suspicions that something was wrong because she was so sick so often.

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