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tr.v. med·i·ca·lized, med·i·ca·liz·ing, med·i·ca·liz·es
To identify or categorize (a condition or behavior) as being a disorder requiring medical treatment or intervention: "Increasingly, [attention deficit disorder] has become a catch-all diagnosis that medicalizes troublesome behavior in kids" (Judy Foreman).

med′i·ca·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌmɛdɪkəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Medicine) the process of medicalizing something
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He also discusses modifications in the reassessment of the role delineation in the care of women, particularly during pregnancy, including the move of birthing from the home to the hospital, the home birth controversy, the problem of increasing intervention and medicalization of childbirth, and changes in medical education.
But for medicalization or overdiagnosis to fulfil this role requires medicalized interpretations of phenomena to exclude other understandings; yet the way health workers and researchers employ biomedical knowledge is not exclusive in this fashion.
dagger]) Medicalization and healthism are two key concepts in the feminist fat studies literature.
We are really about to enter the medicalization of the Holy Land, Landschaft said.
The medicalization of common conditions is an issue far broader than just prediabetes, the concept of which arguably has much merit.
Hinote and Wassernan bring to nursing the Sociological Imagination, which greatly expands nurses' understanding of the social epidemiology and determinants of health and their grasp of concepts such as power, medicalization, illness, and communication that are now recognized globally as being essential for effective clinical practice.
Medicalization of distress is costly, Davies concludes, and governments must address systemic causes.
Assad Hafeez in his remarks said that the notion of 'Health' has changed and evolved with time from illness and cure to modernization and medicalization of the field, and further to a more global and interdependent phenomenon with more cross border concerns, international agreements, financial implications and ethical dimensions.
One fundamental measure to prevent medicalization of FGM is the creation of protocols, manuals and guidelines for health providers.
CONTEXT: Although female genital cutting (FGC) is illegal in Egypt and rates are declining, medicalization of the practice has increased.
Concurrent almost exactly in time with the release of DSM-III and its medicalization and inclusion of PTSD was a rising awareness of postdeployment mental health issues among Vietnam veterans in very human terms," explained Dr.
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