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1. Of or relating to the study or practice of medicine.
2. Requiring treatment by medicine.

[Medieval Latin medicālis, from Latin medicus, physician, from medērī, to heal; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

med′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.medically - involving medical practicemedically - involving medical practice; "medically trained nurses"; "medically correct treatment"
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[ˈmedɪkəlɪ] ADV [prove, explain, treat] → médicamente
he was medically examinedse le hizo un reconocimiento médico or un exámen médico or una revisión médica
it is recognized medically as being a good dietse considera una buena dieta desde el punto de vista médico
he was pronounced medically fitdictaminaron que estaba sano or que su salud era buena; (for army) → los médicos lo declararon apto
medically qualifiedtitulado en medicina
medically speakingdesde el punto de vista médico
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advmedizinisch; examineärztlich; to be medically qualified/trainedeine medizinische Ausbildung absolviert/gemacht haben
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[ˈmɛdɪklɪ] advdal punto di vista medico
medically treated → curato/a da un medico
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(ˈmedikəl) adjective
of healing, medicine or doctors. medical care; medical insurance.
a medical examination.
ˈmedically adverb
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If he travels in his own comfortable carriage--whatever I may think, morally speaking, of his enterprise--I can't say, medically speaking, that I believe it will do him much harm."
"I am afraid that, medically speaking, the end of your troubles is not yet." In short, he ex- pected me to have to fight a probable return of tropical illness.
Bid a boy defy his father when the pantomime-cab is at the door, or a girl develop a will of her own when her mother is putting the last touches to the first ball-dress, but do not ask an Irish regiment to embark upon mutiny on the eve of a campaign, when it has fraternised with the native regiment that accompanies it, and driven its officers into retirement with ten thousand clamorous questions, and the prisoners dance for joy, and the sick men stand in the open calling down all known diseases on the head of the doctor, who has certified that they are "medically unfit for active service." At even the Mavericks might have been mistaken for mutineers by one so unversed in their natures as Mulcahy.
Medically Unexplained Illness: Gender and Biopsychosocial Implications by Susan K.
Summary: Up to 5,000 troops could be discharged from the armed forces because they are medically unfit for combat duties, it has been reported.
Furthermore, infants born by assisted vaginal delivery or a medically indicated cesarean section have about twice the odds of dying during delivery, spending at least seven days in intensive care or both than do those born without surgical aid (odds ratios, 1.9-2.1).
IMR status determines if a Sailor is medically eligible to deploy.
Specifically, Michelle's Law prevents a group health plan from terminating coverage of a dependent child due to a medically necessary leave of absence, before the earlier of:
He has been in hospital in Florence since then and was medically induced into a coma shortly after an operation to relieve pressure on the brain.
Of these "medically bankrupt families," 9 out of 10 said they had medical debts over $5,000, and the rest met criteria for medical bankruptcy because they had lost significant income because of illness or mortgaged a home to pay medical bills.

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