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 (mē′dē-ē′və-lĭz′əm, mĕd′ē-)
1. The spirit or the body of beliefs, customs, or practices of the Middle Ages.
2. Devotion to or acceptance of the ideas of the Middle Ages.
3. Scholarly study of the Middle Ages.


(ˌmɛdɪˈiːvəˌlɪzəm) or


1. (Historical Terms) the beliefs, life, or style of the Middle Ages or devotion to those
2. a belief, custom, or point of style copied or surviving from the Middle Ages


or me•di•ae•val•ism

(ˌmi diˈi vəˌlɪz əm, ˌmɛd i-, ˌmɪd i-, mɪdˈi və-)

1. the spirit, practices, or methods of the Middle Ages.
2. devotion to or adoption of medieval ideals or practices.
3. a medieval belief, practice, or the like.


strong fondness or admiration for the culture, mores, etc, of the Middle Ages. — medievalist, n.medievalistic, adj.
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[ˌmedɪˈiːvəlɪzəm] Nmedievalismo m
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He painted with her as his model, admired her beauty and medievalism, and Anna dared not confess to herself that she was afraid of becoming jealous of this nurse, and was for that reason particularly gracious and condescending both to her and her little son.
Something of conventional medievalism still clings to Chaucer in externals, as we shall see, but in alertness, independence of thought, and a certain directness of utterance, he speaks for universal humanity.
Remember," he was saying, "the facts about this church of Santa Croce; how it was built by faith in the full fervour of medievalism, before any taint of the Renaissance had appeared.
The Welsh and English countryside at that time presented the strangest mingling of the assurance and wealth of the opening twentieth century with a sort of Dureresque medievalism.
Secondly, it is a huge blunder to allow religious fanaticism and medievalism, in the name of religious freedom, to run rampant in the country.
Along the way, Mondschien explores the concept of medievalism modern pop culture's idea of the Middle Ages.
Already engaged with the restoration of Cardiff Castle, Bute and Burgess together produced two of the most remarkable expressions of fantasist Victorian medievalism to be seen anywhere in the British Isles.
Such a view came to be challenged by people who emphasized Ockham's medievalism, or who sought to root rights in more recent history.
There is a fateful battle that is raging today in the entire world between the forces of peace and the forces of terror, between the forces of democracy and the forces of tyranny, between modernity and medievalism.
The Gott Collection is filled with images of places around Yorkshire and a lot of those are medieval buildings, such as castles and abbeys, so I am looking at the medievalism of the collectors and the images and how people conceptualise those places today," she said.
And how does the presence and future transmission of material medieval objects, such as Mantells manuscript, within a settler community, inform our understanding of the ideological utility of nineteenth-century medievalism in the antipodean colonies?
This is an interesting observation which could undoubtedly, backed up with further argument and analysis, be extended to a broader hermeneutical stratagem for a particular "French" style of nineteenth-century musical medievalism.