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 (mē′dē-ē′və-lĭst, mĕd′ē-)
1. A specialist in the study of the Middle Ages.
2. A connoisseur of medieval culture.


(ˌmɛdɪˈiːvəlɪst) or


(Education) a student or devotee of the Middle Ages
ˌmediˌevalˈistic, ˌmediˌaevalˈistic adj


or me•di•ae•val•ist

(ˌmi diˈi və lɪst, ˌmɛd i-, ˌmɪd i-, mɪdˈi və-)

1. an expert in medieval history, art, and culture.
2. a person who esteems medieval art and culture.


1. an expert in medieval history, literature, art, architecture, etc.
2. a person devoted to the art, culture, or spirit of the Middle Ages.
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[ˌmedɪˈiːvəlɪst] Nmedievalista mf


nMediävist(in) m(f)
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Schwartz reconstructs the life and career of German Jewish medievalist Jaffe (1819-70) and presents his letters, as a beginning to the full biography of him that his importance calls for.
12-25) by recalling that she was a respected medievalist, especially well-known for her favorable view of Geoffery Chaucer's prioress, Madame Eglantine.
He shows great diversity in his choice of sources, ranging over nearly a hundred years of literature, architecture, and medievalist films.
This perceived difference between the two periods is the most interesting theoretical aspect of Bredehoff's book for the medievalist, particularly the early medievalist.
Drawing on her medievalist background, Stahuljak shows how medieval ideas of "race" and lineage use bloodlines as metaphors for a "psychological" transmission of hereditary characteristics and then charts how nineteenth-century medical medievalism understood the same bloodline not as metaphorical but as "biological" in a way that fed into a narrative of racial purity and miscegenation.
I was a new (though not particularly young) medievalist, but I knew Dinshaw to be a top scholar in medieval and gender studies, two of the fields most important to my own PhD work.
Her central arguments, which will not seem odd to any medievalist, are that around the year 1000, unlike now, science and religion were not seen as antitheses and that, in spite of religious differences, Christian scholars were happy to learn from the Muslims.
Lewis, was a British novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic and essayist.
Excavating a long history of scholastic reading and medievalist scholarship too long taken for granted as outside the concerns (or conditions) of modernity, the collection offers a variety of welcome remediations.
Thus the comments of the American medievalist, James Given, may provide a sense of objectivity.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (BBC1, 8pm) Harrison Ford is back as adventurous Indiana Jones who this time goes in search of his father, the medievalist Dr Henry Jones (played by Sean Connery) who disappeared whilst searching for the Holy Grail.
Something similar seems to have happened to the distinguished French medievalist, Robert Fossier.