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a. mediolateral, rel. a la parte media y a un lado del cuerpo.
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In the current study, microCT measurements of greatest width (mediolateral), length (anteroposterior) and height of the Condylus mandibulaes were compared to identical digital calliper measurements of cadaveric specimens (Table I).
Due to the young age of the patient, only a mediolateral oblique view is obtained and no tomosynthesis is added.
There was a mediolateral expansion from the lateral wall of the nasal cavity to the arch of the zygomatic bone, and a superoinferior expansion from the infraorbital rim to the upper lip.
She noted that mediolateral incisions are the standard of care in the United Kingdom.
The magnitudes of maximum tumor motion (CC-MRI, MLMRI, AP-MRI) under FB conditions were detected in three (craniocaudal, mediolateral, anteroposterior) axes in dynamic MRI (Table 1 and 2).
(2007) found that the optimum ball position along the mediolateral direction increases club-head velocity at impact.
The independent variables were use of a mirror and ground reaction force (vertical, anteroposterior, mediolateral).
Regarding the episiotomy, its performance during delivery increases the number of severe perineal tears, being mediolateral technique the least damaging (13).
In conjunction, the new Apex Femoral Nailing System includes micromotion locking of up to two mediolateral bone screws and one recon bone screw, the recon rigid locking of up to two mediolateral bone screws and two recon bone screws, rigid interlocking of up to two mediolateral bone screws, one recon bone screw and one interlocking bone screw as well as an optional addition of the locking endcap simultaneously locks all four screws when needed, concluded the company.
The fractography assessment of the proximal fracture surface revealed a prominent cantilever curl positioned at the anterior surface and arrest ridges oriented in the mediolateral plane (Fig.
One-view (mediolateral oblique) tomosynthesis was performed in addition to diagnostic mammography and screening mammography, which reveals dense parenchyma or abnormal findings.
The demographic characteristics and stability indices of Familial Mediterranean Fever patients and healthy controls Familial Mediterranean Fever patients Sex 31 girls (52%) Mean Standard deviation Age 11.31 2.82 Body mass index 17.88 3.85 Overall stability index 1.14 0.77 Anteroposterior stability index 0.79 0.47 Mediolateral stability index 0.68 0.47 Healthy controls p value Sex 65 girls (54.2%) 0.348 Mean Standard deviation Age 10.66 1.78 0.140 Body mass index 18.66 3.46 0.311 Overall stability index 0.85 0.52 0.025 Anteroposterior stability index 0.59 0.38 0.039 Mediolateral stability index 0.51 0.35 0.034 Table II.