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a. mediolateral, rel. a la parte media y a un lado del cuerpo.
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When he performs an episiotomy in such women, he is more likely to do a mediolateral incision than a midline incision in the hope that it will lower their risk of a severe tear.
Mammography demonstrated in the craniocaudal and mediolateral planes long spicules surrounding central macrocalcifications contained within a mass (Figure 1).
A seguir foi mensurado o sentido craniocaudal e mediolateral de cada diafise obtendo-se uma media do seu diametro, padronizando-se o seu comprimento para ser o dobro do diametro.
Women who underwent mediolateral episiotomy had an OR of 2.
Posterior teeth positions are defined by 2 curves, an anterioposterior curve, referred to as the curve of spee, and the mediolateral curve, referred to as the curve of Wilson.
In the screening patient, both the craniocaudal (CC) and mediolateral oblique (MLO) projections are acquired; however, additional projections may be obtained if warranted.
Start using a mediolateral incision when episiotomy is indicated.
Inc; Scottsdale, Arizona [scaling: 6 g; direct current filter: on]) with three orthogonal axes (anterior-posterior, mediolateral, vertical).
A tecnica cirurgica empregada para artrodese consiste, segundo DENNY & BARR (1991), em um acesso iniciando pela face medial do terco final do radio, seguindo em uma curva para a regiao mediolateral do metacarpo distal.
A growing body of evidence comparing the two techniques suggests the risk of cutting into the rectum is greater with a midline than a mediolateral episiotomy, Dr.