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Characterized by or given to meditation. See Synonyms at pensive.

med′i·ta′tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.meditatively - in a meditative mannermeditatively - in a meditative manner; "round and round, while meditatively, as a cow chewing the cud, he let his eyes rest on the flat water ahead of him"
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íhugull/íbygginn á svip
düşünceli düşünceli


advnachdenklich; sit, lookmeditierend
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(ˈmediteit) verb
1. to think deeply. He was meditating on his troubles.
2. to spend short, regular periods in deep (especially religious) thought. He meditates twice a day.
ˌmediˈtation noun
ˈmeditative (-tətiv) , ((American) -teitiv) adjective
thoughtful. a meditative mood.
ˈmeditatively adverb
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"Oh, no, you're not, Mistress Blythe--oh, no, you're not," said Captain Jim meditatively. "I know how you feel jest now--but if you keep on living you'll get glad again, and the first thing you know you'll be dreaming again--thank the good Lord for it!
He did not resume his book immediately, but sat for a while meditatively looking out into the garden.
As I meditatively folded up the pretty bit of writing, I made a resolution; but it was one of such importance that not only is another chapter needed to do it honour, but it may well inaugurate another book of this strange uneventful history.
So the girls and their mother all walked together, a child on each side of Tess, holding her hand, and looking at her meditatively from time to time, as at one who was about to do great things; her mother just behind with the smallest; the group forming a picture of honest beauty flanked by innocence, and backed by simple-souled vanity.
They lunched slowly and meditatively, with mute intervals between rushes of talk; for, the spell once broken, they had much to say, and yet moments when saying became the mere accompaniment to long duologues of silence.
"You want to know," he repeated meditatively, "on what terms I'll hold my tongue for a week.
"Of course I will," said Anne meditatively, "but I won't be able to do it so well, I know.
Tulliver looked around him meditatively, at Tom, at Mr.
"Yes," said Silas, meditatively. "Yes--the door was open.
Dorothea sank back in her chair when her uncle had left the room, and cast her eyes down meditatively on her crossed hands.
"Well," said Joe, meditatively - not, of course, that it could be in anywise necessary to consider about it, but because it was the way at the Jolly Bargemen to seem to consider deeply about everything that was discussed over pipes; "well - no.
Short and grisly had been the work of the mutineers of the Fuwalda, and through it all John Clayton had stood leaning carelessly beside the companionway puffing meditatively upon his pipe as though he had been but watching an indifferent cricket match.