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adj. Informal
Medical: med schools; med students.
n. often meds Slang
A medication or dose of medication.


Master of Education


pl n
(Medicine) informal medicines
References in classic literature ?
Writing of the society in the neighborhood, he infor med me of his introduction to Miss Wyvil, and of the invitation that he had received to meet her friend and schoolfellow at Monksmoor.
These med did Sarpedon lead, skilled in bitter war.
Muchos de los estudios previos usaban MEDs comercialmente disponibles en agencias como la USGS (Gao 1995, Kyriakidis et al., 1999, Holmes et al., 2000, y Kenward et al., 2000) y aquellos derivados de simulacion de sensores remotos modelados (Bolstad y Stowe, 1994, Kenward et al., 2000, y Thompson et al., 2001), ambos no estan disponibles para paises en desarrollo y paises tropicales debido a su alto costo de produccion y porque a veces son dificiles de utilizar dada la constante presencia de nubes.
Over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription are not covered by CHAMPVA and cannot be obtained through Meds by Mail.
Mary Marugg -- Documentation is not confidential for each individual, because other staff accessing their meds may see the documentation sheet.
We worried somewhere in our minds that we could be reinfecting each other, but there was no proof--the meds kept the virus under control, and with honesty and disclosure, we believed (rightly, I think) that we were being ethical in our sex lives.
* Keep all meds in original containers or a well-labeled substitute.
It is typically the nurses who go to bat against the doctors to say, "This med routine is not working; let's come up with something new." Nurses also monitor and, if necessary, train staff, particularly when unlicensed staff are passing meds.