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n. pl. me·dul·las or me·dul·lae (-dŭl′ē)
1. The inner core of certain organs or body structures, such as the marrow of bone.
2. The medulla oblongata.
3. See myelin.
4. Botany
a. The pith in the stems or roots of certain plants.
b. The central portion of a thallus in certain lichens and red or brown algae.

[Middle English, from Latin, perhaps alteration (influenced by medius, middle) of *merulla.]

me·dul′lar, med′ul·lar′y (mĕd′l-ĕr′ē, mə-dŭl′ə-rē) adj.
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a. medular, rel. a la médula;
___ataxiaataxia ___
___chemoreceptorquimoreceptor bulbar
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Somatic embryo formation was not observed in the proliferation of tissue in the medullar parenchyma of the cotyledons (Fig.
Considering all the elements described above, we conclude that the sepsis episodes in our patient reflect a complex immunodeficiency status following the cumulative effects of multiple mechanisms: medullar dysfunction, immunosuppressive treatment, and cirrhosis-associated immune deficit.
Cuticular and medullar microstructure of the guard hair of small land mammals in the region of Arequipa, Peru
Malignant scarring after FNA is rarely described, but most often in medullar carcinoma of the thyroid gland or thyroid lymphoma, and extremely rare in other malignant thyroid diseases [5, 6].
Microscopy revealed a lymph node with a relatively preserved general structure, distorted by multiple lymphoid follicles placed in cortical and medullar regions.
(61) reported two cases of cobalt chromium implant fractures in a cohort of 122 THA patients with Anatomic Medullar Locking (DePuy, Warsaw, Indiana, USA) Stems.
Following desensitization, the fish were euthanized by medullar section, stored in plastic bags, identified and placed in refrigerated boxes containing recyclable ice for transportation to the Microbiology Nucleus of Feed Study, Research, and Processing Laboratory (NUEPPA) at the Department of Animal Morphophysiology, CCA, UFPI, in Teresina, PI.
They suggested that medullar anisotropy in combination with the angle between shear waves and anatomic structures might be the reason for this finding.
Mostly it is negative for medullar and undifferentiated carcinoma (9).
Also, increased medullar area and enlarged vessels network were observed in PCOS ovaries.