meeting of minds

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Noun1.meeting of minds - a state of cooperationmeeting of minds - a state of cooperation    
accord, agreement - harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters; "the two parties were in agreement"
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A meeting of minds on important questions of the day.
I don't often have a meeting of minds with football TV pundits, but well done to Danny Mills for calling out the curse of VAR.
I don't often have a meeting of minds with football TV pundits but well done to Danny Mills for calling out the curse of VAR.
The hackathon is a platform which facilitates the meeting of minds, backgrounds and skills to collaborate and come up with an innovative tech-based approach to solve a problem.
To address the gap between academia and activists, a Public Forum series is being started at Ziauddin University to provide a platform for meeting of minds, and provide an opportunity to the youth, in particular, to engage with civil society in discussion on public issues at Abul Hasan Jafray auditorium of the university, Clifton, at 3pm.
Yards from the Fringe meeting of minds promised by Manchester's city fathers, homeless beg under the colonnade of the Central Library, opened by Labour PM Ramsay MacDonald in 1934.
"We have a meeting of minds for a rules-based order to keep this region stable and prosperous.
He said he and the President had a 'meeting of minds' on the appointment of Albayalde as next PNP chief.
Summary: On the face of it the Russia-Gulf Cooperation Council conference in Moscow Thursday was a meeting of minds.
Although I did pay her, I felt there was also a meeting of minds and that she understood me.
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