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(ˈmɛg əˌflɒps)
a measure of computer speed, equal to one million floating-point operations per second.
[1985–90; see flops]
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Looking at the ignoble precedents for megaflops, here's our step-by-step guide to making one of your own.
The efficiency of SGI ICE X enables greater megaflops per watt to achieve world-class results with less power and operational costs.
Comparo que mientras de una CPU ofrece entre 125 y 128 megaFLOPS, una tarjeta grafica puede dar una potencia de 3.8 teraFLOPS, "es una potencia de computo que estan aprovechando empresas como Microsoft, en Windows 7 y 8, en el MacOS, Linux en las diferentes distribuciones que hay de los sistemas operativos y es un momento bastante adecuado para que AMD fundamente todo esto de computo heterogeneo".
8.21 megawatts and delivers 2,143 megaflops per watt.
Not surprising, really, after the times boxing fans have had fingers, arms, legs and just about every other bit burned by megaflops - the last being the Audley Harrison debacle when the ref stopped it to save viewers from further punishment.
Recently upgraded by Xenon Systems, the CSIRO GPU cluster, located in a data centre in Canberra, achieved a speed of 52.55 TeraFLOPS (trillion Floating Point Operations Per Second) at an energy efficiency of 555.5 MegaFLOPS per watt.
In total, the system achieves a performance of six Teraflops** and has an energy efficiency of about 450 megaflops per watt.
In total, the system achieves a performance of six Teraflops and has an energy efficiency of about 450 megaflops per watt.
Even more damaging to Ashley's ill-starred Tyneside reign was the fact it was the deadline day capture of megaflops Xisco and Gonzalez after the sale of pounds 12m James Milner that led to boss Kevin Keegan's sensational exit and the subsequent Toon Army revolt against the ex-billionaire.
The Cray 1 could handle 80 million operations per second (80 megaflops).
Para tener una idea del avance del poder de procesamiento, los actuales Intel Core 2 Quad de 4 nucleos de las computadoras caseras mas potentes alcanzan los 100 Megaflops o millones de operaciones de coma flotante por segundo.
Individually, each solves benchmark problems at the rate of 600 million operations a second (600 megaflops).