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n. macrocitemia, macrocitosis, glóbulos rojos anormalmente grandes.
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(Figure 1) has been diagnosed as a cause of chronic liver fibrosis and megalocytosis in horses (NOBRE et al., 2004b) and acute liver necrosis in sheep (NOBRE et al., 2005; RIET-CORREA et al., 2011).
Histopathological examination revealed lesions in the liver which includes foci of lymphocytic infiltration, cells with multifocal degeneration and necrosis of hepatocytes and hemosiderosis of varying degree with megalocytosis. There was protein cast in the renal tubules.
The following findings were not significant: Kupffer cell activation, mild bile duct hyperplasia, megalocytosis in the liver (Figures 2c-2f), and hemoglobin pigment in the spleen (hematoxylineosin and Perl's stain, Figures 2g and 2h).