A merger between two or more large corporations.
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He told the BBC: "Do we really want a jewel in the crown of British industry, our second biggest pharmaceutical firm, to basically be seen as an instrument in some tax-planning game?" Read argued that there was a "compelling" logic behind the megamerger, which would bring together world-leading expertise in key areas such as oncology, inflammation and cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.
UP to 1,200 mobile phone workers are to lose their jobs following the megamerger between Orange and T-Mobile.
Rocked by changes of management, strategy and a pay TV megamerger; the reps from Spain's volatile stations will be a very tough sells at Mipcom, barring one exception: U.S.
But elsewhere in the financial sector, profit takers moved in en masse after the highs seen following Monday's megamerger proposals between US-based Citicorp and Travelers.
T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE:S) have been hard at work trying to get their $26 billion megamerger approved by regulators.
"Megamergers also limit the opportunity for follow-up bolt-on acquisitions, since available funding for such transactions is not readily available after a megamerger."
American federal commissioners are dreaming up a stream of humiliations for the ISP giant before they'll nod through the megamerger.
T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE:S) continue to work toward getting all the necessary approvals for their $26 billion megamerger, which will likely include several divestitures intended to reduce potential competitive harm to the industry.
NEW YORK -- In what could be the final megamerger to hit chain drug retailing, Rite Aid Corp.
Thursday night, another analyst saw a different megamerger getting that coveted Beijing rubber stamp, arguing that an approval for NXP plus Qualcomm would be the next logical step.
An international team of astronomers has spotted an impending galactic megamerger from the early universe, one in which fourteen young, star busting galaxies are about to collide to form the core of one of the most massive objects in the known universe - a galactic cluster.
The megamerger would make AT&T "the first U.S.