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meg′a·scop′i·cal·ly adv.


another word for macroscopic
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Adj.1.megascopic - visible to the naked eye (especially of rocks and anatomical features)megascopic - visible to the naked eye (especially of rocks and anatomical features)
seeable, visible - capable of being seen; or open to easy view; "a visible object"; "visible stars"; "mountains visible in the distance"; "a visible change of expression"; "visible files"
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Megascopic pictures of randomly selected coal pieces were captured on the site while microscopic photographs were taken by using MM6C-AF-2 microscope (Fig.
Megascopic and microscopic examination of ore samples collected at two prospecting pits and the inferred principal pre-Hispanic working indicates the presence of high-grade malachite, [Cu.
Mineralization consists of megascopic and microscopic molybdenite, pyrite, minor chalcopyrite and rare bornite.
The principal criteria for determining if a geological feature is an impact structure formed by the hypervelocity impact of a meteorite or comet can be divided into megascopic (satellite scale), macroscopic (naked eye) and microscopic features.
In this project, we are observing morphological features that are preserved or created during early post-mortem decomposition of modern megascopic algae.