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n. Botany
A cell that undergoes meiosis to produce four megaspores. Also called megaspore mother cell.
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This archesporial cell functioned as a megasporocyte and was easily distinguished from other cells because of its large size, prominent nucellus and dense cytoplasm (Fig.
megaspore: Haploid cell produced by meiosis in the ovules of angiosperms; a single megasporocyte produces four megaspores, only one of which remains functional.
Megasporocyte callose in apomictic buffelgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, Pennisetum squamulatum Fresen, Tripsacum L.
In a young ovule this line is approximately at the base of the megasporocyte (megaspore mother cell), but in some taxa the nucellus later proliferates, so that it may eventually lie below the ends of the integuments (e.
An archesporial cell in the nucellus tissue would directly develop into a megasporocyte that subsequently formed the megaspore tetrads aftermeiosis.
Megasporocytes are distinguished from surrounding nucellar cells by their large size and prominent nucleus [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3A OMITTED].
This and other cytological phenomena similar to early embryo sac development led Battaglia (1989) to hypothesize that megasporocytes of tetrasporic and bisporic species undergo partial "gametophytization" before or during meiosis.