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n. pl. meg·a·spo·ro·gen·e·ses (-sēz)
The formation of megaspores.
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Megasporogenesis and development of female gametophyte in Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) cultivar 'Yanshanzaofeng'.
Microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis in Sinofranchetia (Lardizabalaceae).
Megasporogenesis in heterosporous fern: features of the organelles in meiotic cells and young megaspores.
En las triploides y tetraploides, la microsporogenesis ocurre normalmente, pero la megasporogenesis posiblemente no se lleva a cabo, por lo que se infiere que la semilla de estas plantas tiene un origen apomictico.
In the ovules, megasporogenesis is followed by megagametogenesis.
According to Westgate and Boyer (1986), stress-induced failure of spikelet primordia may occur at three stages: (i) before anthesis when megasporogenesis is affected by severe stress, (ii) at pollination when silks emerge after pollen is shed, and (iii) after pollination, by abortion of fertilized spikelets.
Coenocytic development of the functional female gametophyte proceeds for approximately 14 days after megasporogenesis. Shortly after the initiation of free nuclear development, a single prominent central vacuole becomes apparent [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 3C-E OMITTED].
In seed plants, microsporogenesis results in the pollen grain (male gametophyte) and megasporogenesis in the embryo sac (female gametophyte).
megasporogenesis: Process of megaspores (large spores) being produced via meiosis in the ovules of angiosperms.
Frio is an aposporous apomict, and its mode of reproduction was determined by (i) cytologically observing megasporogenesis and embryo sac development and (ii) progeny testing.
Keywords: Lathyrus undulatus; Megasporogenesis; Megagametogenesis; Embryo; Endosperma