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A leaflike structure that bears megasporangia.


(Botany) a leaf on which the megaspores are formed: corresponds to the carpel of a flowering plant. Compare microsporophyll
[C20: from mega- + sporophyll]


(ˌmɛg əˈspɔr ə fɪl, -ˈspoʊr-)

a sporophyll producing megasporangia only.
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Noun1.megasporophyll - in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only megasporangiamegasporophyll - in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only megasporangia
sporophyl, sporophyll - leaf in ferns and mosses that bears the sporangia
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norstogii show a light brown to ochre tomentum on the megasporophyll lobule near the horns, whereas C.
5-3 cm, beige-yellow to grey-brown tomentose; megasporophylls arranged in 5-8 orthostichies of 3-9 sporophylls each, megasporophyll pedicels 2.
On another occasion we observed termites excavating galleries in the megasporophyll and seed sarcotesta tissues of a female C.
microsporophylls, pectinate megasporophyll apices, glabrous ovules, and
each megasporophyll with a proximal stalked portion bearing 2-10
Isoetes is heterosporous, with each leaf a potential microsporophyll or megasporophyll.
The Taxaceae aril is the fleshy part of the megasporophyll and the apex of the axillary shoot (Chamberlain, 1935; Coulter & Chamberlain, 1917; Florin, 1954; Wilde, 1944).
natalensis cones during pollen shed, two of which were also observed on receptive female cones, and were mainly active between the tightly-packed megasporophylls, strongly suggesting their role in pollination (Suinyuy et al.
7) the axis carried two to 30 scales, including four to six " megasporophylls " with terminal inverted ovules.