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(Units) one million ohms. Symbol:



a unit of resistance equal to one million ohms.
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Noun1.megohm - a unit of resistance equal to one million ohms
resistance unit - the reciprocal of conductance
ohm - a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere
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1--miniature buzzer * 2--74HC00 integrated circuit * 1--74HC02 integrated circuit * 3--1K resistors * 2-1 Megohm resistors * 1-10K resistor * 1-10 mfd capacitor * 1-red LED * 1-green LED * 10 feet #22 or #24 hookup wire
IET's Brown explained, "One technique that is used during calibration of resistance, especially for megohm values and higher, is a voltage transfer method.
Like their predecessors, these analyzers also conduct winding resistance, megohm, DC HiPot, surge tests and DC bar-to-bar armature tests.
All panels were wetted by submersion in 18 megohm purified water for 30 min and were subsequently air-dried for 30 min prior to use (to minimize drainage of inoculum from the surface).
04 to 1 megohm usually is considered acceptable for good electrostatic spraying.
Intracellular recordings were obtained using 20-40 megohm electrodes filled with 3 M KCl or 2 M potassium acetate.
The IR range of the Model 3570D features 0-1000 volts DC, and a measuring range of 1 megohm to 1 gigohm.
In the comparator used at the Bureau of Standards this resistance is one half megohm.
If winding leakage resistance drops to I megohm or less, the pump is locked out and an alarm initiated.
7 megohms, 1/4 watt (can use five 1-megohm resistors, 271-1356, in series) Light-emitting diode Infrared type (276-143) Phototransistor Infrared-sensitive NPN type (276-145) Solenoid The coil of a dismantled reed relay (about 20,000 turns of 0.
What You Need: * 1-4" length of a 1 x 3 board * 1-MPF102 transistor (Radio Shack Catalog #: 276-2062) * 1-10 megohm resistor (Radio Shack Catalog #: 271-1365) * 2-Red LEDs (Radio Shack Catalog #: 276-041) * 1-9 volt battery connector (Radio Shack #270-324 or #270-325) * 1-9 volt battery * 9-1/2" #8 round head wood screws * 3-1/2" #4 round head wood screws * 1-2-1/2" #8 wood screw * 7-pieces of insulated hook-up wire of varying lengths (See Drawing 2) * 1-5' length of wire with white insulation * 1-5' length of wire with black insulation * 1-duct tape * 2-5" to 6" lengths of stiff, bare wire (#14 copper wire or solid stainless steel picture hanging wire will do)