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(Units) one million ohms. Symbol:
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a unit of resistance equal to one million ohms.
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Noun1.megohm - a unit of resistance equal to one million ohms
resistance unit - the reciprocal of conductance
ohm - a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere
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The Phoenix Ultra High-Purity Lab Water System from Aries FilterWorks delivers Type I, 18.2 Megohm water quality on-demand.
* 1--miniature buzzer * 2--74HC00 integrated circuit * 1--74HC02 integrated circuit * 3--1K resistors * 2-1 Megohm resistors * 1-10K resistor * 1-10 mfd capacitor * 1-red LED * 1-green LED * 10 feet #22 or #24 hookup wire
All panels were wetted by submersion in 18 megohm purified water for 30 min and were subsequently air-dried for 30 min prior to use (to minimize drainage of inoculum from the surface).
Units are ohms or megohms (1 megohm = [10.sup.6] ohms).
Intracellular recordings were obtained using 20-40 megohm electrodes filled with 3 M KCl or 2 M potassium acetate.
The IR range of the Model 3570D features 0-1000 volts DC, and a measuring range of 1 megohm to 1 gigohm.
(19.) In the comparator used at the Bureau of Standards this resistance is one half megohm. This high value is provided to prevent an excessive current from flowing through the two cells and the galvanometer in the event that the cell under test and the reference cell are inadvertently connected in series with the emf's aiding.
If winding leakage resistance drops to I megohm or less, the pump is locked out and an alarm initiated.