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A black variety of garnet.

mel′a·nit′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Minerals) a black variety of andradite garnet


(ˈmɛl əˌnaɪt)

a deep black variety of andradite garnet.
[1800–10; < Greek melan-, s. of mélās black + -ite1]
mel`a•nit′ic (-ˈnɪt ɪk) adj.
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With their mystically cued tones--amethyst mauve, topaz blue, melanite black, and jasper brown--and fidelity to preconceived notions of perfect form, they evoke the unshakable dread of something far more insidious at work than what the graphs lead us to believe.
Phonolites are characterized by phenocrysts of leucite-pseudomorphs, alkali feldspar ([Or.sub.47-75]), clinopyroxene ([Wo.sub.48-50][Fs.sub.11-34]), Fe-pargasite, and nepheline [+ or -] biotite [+ or -] titanite [+ or -] melanite (Ti-andradite up to 68 wt%) [+ or -] magnetite or haematite.
8) Stories 14ct gold earrings with Melanite, pounds 625 Pandora.
The absence of titanium in the sedimentary rocks accounts for the crystallization of the demantoid and topazolite varieties rather than the more common titanium-rich melanite variety of andradite.
The FNP .45 is "rolling off the production lines." It's available in Matte Black Melanite Stainless, Matte Silver Stainless and USG Model Flat Dark Earth.
Norma and Ian Thompson's three-yearold Dales mare Manorian Melanite by Waterside William ll out of Wolsey Black Diamond took the Supreme of Show Youngstock Championship to Reserve Oakville Touch Of Class after a win in the M&M large breeds one, two, three-yearold class.
The Ojos Negros locality has produced the world's finest black andradite (sometimes called "melanite").
Two models are offered, one in Matte Black Melanite Stainless, the other in Matte Silver Stainless.
NORMA and Ian Thompson's three-year-old Dales filly, Manorian Melanite, out of Wolsey Black Diamond by Waterside William, finished up the star attraction at the Hexham Native Breed Show.
These compositions are compatible with the informal andradite variety called melanite since the concentration of Ti is less than Fe (Deer et al., 1992).
Kelloe-based Ian and Norma Thompson's home-bred two-year-old Dale's mare Manorian Melanite also made her mark at the show, taking the Supreme Youngstock and Mountain & Moorland Championships.
In the room of Mineral Search I found some highly lustrous, modified perovskite crystals to 1 cm on black andradite ("melanite") garnet from a new locality in San Benito County.