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Noun1.melanoderma - abnormally dark skin caused by increased deposits of melatonin
pigmentation - coloration of living tissues by pigment
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Pathak, "Clinical and therapeutic aspects of melasma: an overview," in Brown Melanoderma, T.
A nomenclatura adotada para a identificacao da raca/cor da pele, durante o exame de necropsia nos servicos medico-legais, e baseada em caracteres fenotipicos e foi introduzida por Edgar Roquette-Pinto, em 1933, levando em conta, sobretudo, a cor da pele e alguns dados biometricos, cujas denominacoes ele teria adaptado do grego: melanoderma (melanodermos) para pretos; leucoderma (leucodermos) para brancos; faioderma (phaiodermos) para pardos; xantoderma (xanthodermos) para amarelos (Ramos, 2003).
In Region II, since 1919, there have been reports of arsenicosis--leukoderma, melanoderma, and hyperkeratosis--but only associated with workers of nitrate mines (17); two years after the increase of arsenic exposure in drinking water, began reports of children presenting arsenicosis (17,26) and arsenicosis associated with respiratory symptoms, including diffuse and segmentary bronchiectasis (17).