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 (mĕl′ə-nə-fôr′, mə-lăn′ə-)
A brown or black melanin-containing chromatophore found in the skin of a fish, amphibian, or reptile.
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a chromatophore that contains melanin
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(məˈlæn əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, ˈmɛl ə nə-)

a connective-tissue cell that contains melanin and is responsible for color changes in many fishes and reptiles.
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The chromatophores of teleosts are generally classified into seven categories on the basis of their color: melanophore (black), erythrophore (red), xanthophore (yellow), cyanophore (blue), leucophore (white), iridophore (iridescent color), and erythro-iridophore (reddish violet) (1-4).
Wales attributed the yellow coloration to a loss of melanophore control due to disease or parasitism, but was unable to identify any causative agent.
Immature ovaries are whitecoloured with small black dots due to melanophore cells that, during development, start to proliferate and cover the whole surface, in consequence, the gonads become completely black.
Medaka has four main pigments (melanophore, iridophore, leucophore, and xanthophore).
Arena is developing a broad pipeline of compounds that act on an important class of drug targets called G protein-coupled receptors, or GPCRs, using its proprietary technologies, including CART (Constitutively Activated Receptor Technology) and Melanophore. Arena has three internally discovered, clinical-stage product candidates.
Rasquin (1947) examined pigmentation in Astyanax mexicanus raised in total darkness for 2 yr and found the fishes to be depigmented due to a decrease in number of melanophores and the amount of melanin granules per melanophore.
Immature ovaries are white-coloured with small black dots due to melanophore cells that, during development, start to proliferate and cover the whole surface; as a consequence, the gonads become completely black.
These issued and pending patents are directed to Constitutively Activated Receptor Technology, or CART, Melanophore technology, chemical compositions of matter, methods of treatment utilizing chemical compositions, or GPCR genes.
macclellandi presents a different pigmentation pattern consisting in large melanophore groups with a body arrangement that changes from one stage to the next; additionally, from the preflexion stage it develops both the occipital radius and pelvic fins.
A distinctive pattern of melanophore distribution present on head, body, and fins.