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n. pl. mel·a·no·ses (-sēz)
Abnormally dark pigmentation of the skin or other tissues, resulting from a disorder of pigment metabolism. Also called melanism.

mel′a·not′ic (-nŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌmɛl əˈnɒt ɪk)

of or having melanosis.
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The epithelioid blue nevus: a multicentric familial tumor with important associations, including cardiac myxoma and psammomatous melanotic schwannoma.
A study of the histogenesis of experimental melanotic tumors resembling cellular blue nevi: the evidence in support of their neurogenic origin.
The presence of these two abnormalities represents a phenotypic marker for more profound melanotic infiltration of the leptomeninges, which increases the risk of malignant transformation.
Sigmoid gangrene is seen in 6.1-93.4% of cases with sigmoid volvulus (SV).1,2 Although some clinical and laboratory findings such as melanotic stool, fever, leucocytosis, abdominal guarding/rebound tenderness, hypotension/shock, somnolence and metabolic acidosis suggest the sigmoid gangrene, most of them generally fail in accurate diagnosis.3,4 Similarly, although some radiological studies including Doppler ultrasonography, angiography or scintigraphy demonstrate the vascular occlusion, they are generally inadequate in determining sigmoid gangrene.5 When considerations are suitable, endoscopy identifies mucosal viability.
i wsp.: Static and ELF magnetic fields enhance the in vivo anti-tumor efficacy of cis-platin against lewis lung carcinoma, but not of cyclophosphamide against B16 melanotic melanoma.
Female dogs, and German Shepherd Dogs in particular, are predisposed to a melanotic growth along the limbus of the eye.
Brain MRI was consistent with the typical melanotic pattern of malignant melanoma with hyperintensity on T1-weighted images and hypointensity on T2-weighted images.
The melanotic macule, sometimes called melanocytic activation, is the most common subtype of melanin-derived LM in adults, Dr.
The melanotic pigmented macules are dark brown or bluish brown in color and 1-5 mm in size; these lesions can occur at many sites on the body in children, while in adults, the characteristic buccal lesions are most evident.
Temporal bone myxomas may be related to the Carney complex in some cases, characterized by various cardiac and cutaneous myxomas, melanotic schwannomas, endocrine tumors and cutaneous pigmentary manifestations (1-3, 7).
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In some cases, malignant lesions, such as metastatic carcinoma, melanotic melanoma, or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, can be a differential diagnosis [3].