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A dark igneous porphyry embedded with feldspar crystals.

[French mélaphyre : Greek melās, black + French porphyre, porphyry (from Medieval Latin porphyrium; see porphyry).]


(Geological Science) geology obsolete a type of weathered amygdaloidal basalt or andesite
[C19: via French from Greek melas black + (por)phura purple]
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The highest cost was obtained for the hauling of melaphyre aggregate from Czarny Bor quarry to Augustow ($27/1000 kg with distance of 672 km) while the lowest hauling cost was for the transportation of the aggregate from the glacier deposits from the quarry located 30 km from the HMA plant in Augustow.
The subject of the order is the maintenance of forest roads with a ground surface, consisting of topping up with road aggregate - limestone road aggregate with a fraction from 0 mm to 63 mm or broken aggregate (granite, melaphyre, gabbro, syenite, amphibolite, gneiss, basalt, etc.