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 (mēl′yə-rāt′, mē′lē-ə-)
v. mel·io·rat·ed, mel·io·rat·ing, mel·io·rates
To make better; improve.
To grow better.

[Latin meliōrāre, meliōrāt-, from melior, better; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]

mel′io·ra·ble (-rə-bəl) adj.
mel′io·ra′tive adj. & n.
mel′io·ra′tor n.
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Adj.1.meliorative - tending to amelioratemeliorative - tending to ameliorate    
bettering - changing for the better
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Those project will create 66.5 thousand hectares of new irrigated lands, increase water supply to 51 thousand hectares and improve the meliorative condition of 50 thousand hectares of land, he said.
When carrying out technological processes by lifting, transport, construction, road, meliorative machines, cars and tractors, and other equipment, it becomes necessary to control the speed and speed changes in magnitude and direction.
Un bemol s'impose toutefois a son egard, car son cantonnement a une serie de tractations et de negociations politiques entre elus se revele incompatible tant avec la theorie normative et meliorative de la gouvernance metropolitaine horizontale presentee d'entree de jeu qu'avec les exigences du gouvernement provincial et les intentions de la CMM en matiere d'inclusion des citoyens et de la societe civile du Grand Montreal au sein de ses exercices de planification.
A composite scaffold composed of nHA-type I collagen beads, BMSCs, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) enhanced significantly the new bone formation which could generate transplants with effectively meliorative bone tissue reorganization promising skeletal defects restoration [21].
Sociology's deep roots are anchored in institutional organization and in activities of state formation that were disciplinary, but also consciously meliorative. Presenting sociology as a discipline first of philosophical speculation--where Great Men had Great Ideas--and then as an academic pursuit obscures Canadian sociology's deep connections to state formation and to the pursuit of "real equality" through government action.
But there is considerable space between these poles of pessimistic realism for the modest optimism of a meliorative liberalism.
In this case, Musinde elects to talk of "blind" (11) empiricism; the qualifier "blind" does not have any meliorative connotations.
"Anyone anticipating a moral, an expression of patriotism, a meliorative impulse, a political solution to Africa's manifold problems or a neat tying up of plot lines will be disappointed.
Sorting ADP into these two categories will better enable reinforcing and reinvigorating the former and medicamentous, meliorative transformation of the latter.