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n. pl. me·lis·ma·ta (-mə-tə) or me·lis·mas
A passage of multiple notes sung to one syllable of text, as in Gregorian chant.

[Greek, melody, from melizein, to sing, from melos, song.]

mel′is·mat′ic (mĕl′ĭz-măt′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -mata (-mətə) or -mas
(Music, other) music an expressive vocal phrase or passage consisting of several notes sung to one syllable
[C19: from Greek: melody]
melismatic adj


(mɪˈlɪz mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a musical phrase of several notes sung to one syllable, as in plainsong.
[1605–15; < Greek mélisma song. See melody, -ism]
mel•is•mat•ic (ˌmɛl ɪzˈmæt ɪk) adj.
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Los barcos que llegaron a Cuba provenientes de Europa, Oriente Medio y Africa trajeron tres grandes culturas que convergieron, y se mezclaron en la isla costumbres, comida, religion y musica; las armonias europeas, los cantos del medio oriente con sus melismas y los ritmos africanos se mezclaban produciendo una receta musical quiza caotica, cuyo resultado fue una musica fresca, original, compleja; nuevas combinaciones ritmico--musicales cuyo centro esencial era la danza y el ritmo."
For example, he notes the joy of Ginevra in the tiniest musical details--a joy which is temporarily extinguished in Act II, but returns, with melismas in Act III; such joy was entirely lacking in the most recent London production of Ariodante.
Lahat by Soc Villanueva (Jason Dy): While the instrumentation resembles that of today's alternative RandB hits popularized by the likes of The Weeknd, this sultry baby-making jam's main melody is classic pop-RandB, flourished with breathy, pleading, melismas.
Although structural coherence has not been stressed in the preceding examples of word painting, it was noted that intervals of seconds and thirds often predominate, that melismas used in otherwise syllabic contexts are common, and that Lombardo takes care to shape musical line and movement in ways appropriate to the texts he sets.
The soprano soloist was Susanna Andersson, whose tone was attractively pure and penetrating in its upper reaches, with highly musical melismas and touching moments of expression, although enunciation of the text sometimes lacked clarity.
Concentration on the clarity of the text would allow parody to function more effectively than if the text were obscured by rigid musical meter and vocal melismas; after all, the moral messages in these songs--stated in words--are what were so important to the young ladies.
Legend's voice is smooth, impeccably clean and pure, without the rasps, melismas, or other vocal dressings commonly heard in R&B or gospel.
Opportunities appeared throughout for the solo voice to weave during extended melismas. An unexpected jazzy interlude by the piano provides a good-humored surprise.
(2) However, in all the cases I have witnessed, after some minutes the sentangih always started to sing a much more complex and embellished melody with frequent melismas, the ending of which was emphasised by his assistants.
Fueled by the Spirit, musicians soon began to add tropes, the long inserts between words, and filled them with melismas, or long phrases on one syllable.
The hallucinatory texts draw tortuous melismas and indeed notated drawlings from the composer, putting the singer under a huge amount of pressure within the tightly rhythmic context of Britten's scoring for string orchestra.
Los alumnos con talento morian de fatiga en las plantaciones, ademas, la Corona de Espana no tenia menester de contorsiones y melismas, sino de tropas de avanzada dispuestas a arriesgar el pellejo en aras de su expansion.