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Having a pleasant and fluid sound: "The Headmaster read a rather lengthy passage from Stephen Vincent Benet's 'The Devil and Daniel Webster' in his engaging, mellifluous voice" (John Knowles).

[Middle English, from Late Latin mellifluus : Latin mel, mell-, honey; see melit- in Indo-European roots + Latin -fluus, flowing; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.]

mel·lif′lu·ous·ly adv.
mel·lif′lu·ous·ness n.


advklangvoll; …, he said mellifluously…, sagte er mit wohltönender or klangvoller Stimme
References in classic literature ?
Most mellifluously did he purr as we crowded around to stroke him; with friendly joy he licked our hands with his little red tongue; poor Paddy was a thankful cat; he was no longer lost, starving, imprisoned, helpless; he was with his comrades once more and he was going home--home to his old familiar haunts of orchard and dairy and granary, to his daily rations of new milk and cream, to the cosy corner of his own fireside.
Once a week, a music therapist helps Herzog transform her thoughts into lyrics, then sings them back to her mellifluously over the strums of her guitar.
Padmore brought a piercing clarity of diction, communicative even to non-German speakers, to his singing, seamlessly moving into the highest reaches of head-tone (though notes on difficult entries were not always easily centred), phrasing so mellifluously (as in Brahms' Meerfahrt) and spitting out verbal dexterity (Wolf's Der Rattenfanger).
and lyrically, mellifluously these silvery, impassioned and emotional words of Padre Florentino in Noli Me Tangere: "we must win our freedom by deserving it, by improving the mind and enhancing the dignity of the individual, loving what is just, what is good, what is great, to the point of dying for it.
Narrated by the mellifluously smooth voice of national treasure Stephen Fry, LBG's first outing was a wonderfully whimsical platformer which, at first, allowed you to explore the existing landscapes and later, let your imagination run wild and design your own.
Steinberg's close readings of Hardy's key poems are fresh and original and her "pocket" analyses encapsulate, with insight and depth, a wider range of material than many critics could, as mellifluously and as inclusively, capture in chapters twice as large.
It is a compactness, body, soul, sentiment, thought and commitment mellifluously harmonised.
He managed to create a solid fan base for his ability to mellifluously blend western music with classical and folk tunes.
However, my point is not that the sun always shines as cockerels crow from the gatepost, lambs skip through the meadow, cows called Buttercup mellifluously chew the cud, and pigs romp and root through leafy Arcadian glades.
Performed at the opening of the exhibition at the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredo Lam (and subsequently in a different form on the Malecon), it featured some eighteen street vendors in colorful dress calling out mellifluously, hawking peanuts, flowers, and trinkets.
Canadians Judith Forst and Joshua Hopkins sang mellifluously and acted vividly as senior handmaiden Bianca and Roman commander Junius, and HGO Studio member Lauren Snouffer sang servant girl Lucia's high-lying music pertly As the commentary-providing Male and Female Choruses, Anthony Dean Griffey (HGO's Grimes in 2010) and Leah Crocetto upheld the ensemble s high standard of solid vocalism, verbal clarity and refined but affecting acting.
I let Robert confess himself of certain crimes and peccadilloes he had perpetrated as an unpleasant youngster on the middling-rough streets of a certain neighborhood in Honolulu, the mellifluously ridiculous name of which I've already forgotten.