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A brass wind instrument, similar to the French horn, often used in military or marching bands.


(Instruments) music a brass band instrument similar in tone to a French horn
[C20: from mellow + -phone]


(ˈmɛl əˌfoʊn)

a valved brass band instrument similar to the French horn.
[1925–30; mello (w) + -phone]
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He wanted to switch to trumpet, "but the teacher said my lips were too thick, so he asked me to play mellophone, which had a bigger mouthpiece," Coleman said.
At the university, he played horn in the symphonic band, mellophone in Sound of the South, was a member of Phi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi, and arranged music for many ensembles.
The Purchase that may be awarded as a result of this RFQ would be for one order of six to ten units of the Baritone and Mellophone and four to eight units of the Piccolo.
Ayala Saxophone Ceferino Hernandez Bassoon Pablo Fuentes Mellophone Francisco Melendez, Eleuterio Melendez Baritone Horns Nicolas Vazquez, Froilan Jimenez Tuba Jose Rivera Rosas, Sixto Benitez
So they started me off on French horn; well actually it was the mellophone, the one that's spherical shaped like a French horn with trumpet valves.
HONORS AND AWARDS: MVP of the Marching Band; Mid Wach League All-Star Girls Track and Field; AP Scholar; Girls Track and Field Coaches' Award, Grade 11; Excellence Awards in Health and Wellness, Music, Spanish 1, Spartan Scholar, Grade 9; Excellence Awards in Music, AP World History, Design Technology, Spartan Scholar, Grade 10; Excellence Awards in Spartan Scholar, Spanish 3, Grade 11; Massachusetts Girls State, senator, Grade 11; Best Marcher, marching band, Grades 11 and 12; Girls Track and Field Rookie of the Year, Grade 9; MVP marching band, mellophone, Grade 11 and 12; Most Improved Marcher, marching band, Grade 10.
Francese performed magic tricks, and played piano, tenor bells, mellophone, and stringed instruments.
To the baritone and mellophone instruments (both Robin and Kevin play baritone) add trumpets, trombones, plus percussion, bass, guitar and piano.
2 -- color) Mellophone player Patty Siegel satisfies the ``Pirates of the Caribbean'' theme of Rampage with her JFK bandmates.
The topic of the mellophone is one that has often been handled with kid gloves by horn players.
Besides OMB, the 12-piece green garter group - drum set, bass guitar, two trombones, mellophone, three trumpets and four saxophones - plays for volleyball, women's basketball and men's preseason basketball games plus other campus events.