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A small harmonium.

[Probably alteration of melodium, from melody.]


(mɪˈləʊdɪən) or


1. (Instruments) a type of small accordion
2. (Instruments) a type of keyboard instrument similar to the harmonium
[C19: from German, from Melodie melody]


(məˈloʊ di ən)

a small reed organ.
[1840–50, Amer.; < German, formed on Melodie melody; see accordion]
References in classic literature ?
She "carried" the alto by ear, danced without being taught, played the melodeon without knowing the notes.
He taught the weekly singing-school (then a feature of village life) in half a dozen neighboring towns, he played the violin and "called off" at dances, or evoked rich harmonies from church melodeons on Sundays.
I was glad to learn that our piano, our parlor organ, and our melodeon were to be the best instruments of the kind that could be had in the market.
They went clothed in steel and equipped with sword and lance and battle-axe, and if they couldn't persuade a person to try a sewing-machine on the installment plan, or a melodeon, or a barbed-wire fence, or a prohibition journal, or any of the other thousand and one things they canvassed for, they removed him and passed on.
The two are the mainstay of the band with others coming and going, he said, including Graham Spencer who plays the melodeon.
Guto will be playing his melodeon and other instruments, and singing songs and stories from the Vale of Glamorgan.
15pm, will showcase his musical virtuosity as he plays melodeon, banjo, bouzouki, dulcimer and guitar.
BELLISIMO Italian Adamo Laurenti kept covered as he played his melodeon
ONE of the world's best melodeon players and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Luke Daniels has announced a UK tour which brings him to the Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor, on March 16.
Last port of call was back at the Georgian where Eliza Carthy was fiddling up a storm, accompanied by Saul Rose on the melodeon.
Organised in partnership with Durham's musical launderette, Eliza and Saul Rose offer a powerful pairing of voices, fiddle and melodeon, while Hayes is very quickly being recognised for her talent as a singer and flautist.
Instruments involved are fiddle, melodeon, piccolo, whistle, and jew's harp.