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A small harmonium.

[Probably alteration of melodium, from melody.]


(mɪˈləʊdɪən) or


1. (Instruments) a type of small accordion
2. (Instruments) a type of keyboard instrument similar to the harmonium
[C19: from German, from Melodie melody]


(məˈloʊ di ən)

a small reed organ.
[1840–50, Amer.; < German, formed on Melodie melody; see accordion]
References in classic literature ?
He taught the weekly singing-school (then a feature of village life) in half a dozen neighboring towns, he played the violin and "called off" at dances, or evoked rich harmonies from church melodeons on Sundays.
She "carried" the alto by ear, danced without being taught, played the melodeon without knowing the notes.
I was glad to learn that our piano, our parlor organ, and our melodeon were to be the best instruments of the kind that could be had in the market.
They went clothed in steel and equipped with sword and lance and battle-axe, and if they couldn't persuade a person to try a sewing-machine on the installment plan, or a melodeon, or a barbed-wire fence, or a prohibition journal, or any of the other thousand and one things they canvassed for, they removed him and passed on.
Located in a 1911 schoolhouse, it's home to about 100 fully restored and working antique melodeons, harmoniums, and reed organs--better known as pump organs--forming the largest such public collection in North America.
Mel and Sue of La Muse will also be on hand with their mesmerising collection of fast-paced Breton tunes played on duelling melodeons.
Amongst the guitars, drums, keyboards, brass and woodwind, there's the off-kilter likes of shaky egg, thunder tube, kazoo, whistles, melodeons, bouzouki and bagpipes, plus percussion of a frying pan, glockenspiel, knives and forks, clockwork toys, megaphone scratching, stomp box, coal scuttle, party blowers, broomsticks and a ratchet
The up-tempo Welcome To The Sparrow Club and t relaxed Random Ac Of Kindness are bot strong tracks but if you're not a fan of melodeons - a type button accordion - you'd best give this wide
Crucible perform a mix of English traditional songs, combining voices with instruments including English bagpipes, fiddles, melodeons, guitars and the cittern.