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Of, relating to, or containing melody.

me·lod′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.melodically - with respect to melodymelodically - with respect to melody; "melodically interesting themes"
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Written near the end of Finzi'a tragically short life, the piece opens swaying with Elgarian regret, moves through a piercingly introspective slow movement (spoilt here by the self-important trilling of a mobile phone) into a finale whose dance rhythms seem forced, but melodically memorable.
"Melodically, rhythmically, in terms of arrangements, hindi pa masyadong technologically-driven [then] so the sounds were human sounds," he said.
I love how she can rap and then sing melodically in the chorus too!
Where N'Dour's increased mix of African and non-African influences does pay off is in his compositions, which are now more melodically structured and less open-ended in the Western tradition, while still retaining that African flow and the feeling that all players are equally important in this complex interlocking of rhythm and melody.HHHH
The leader adds some of his own deeply felt and always melodically strong bass solos, and even sings on the closing track, the traditional Wayfaring Stranger, an apt reminder that Haden started out behind the microphone 45 years ago playing country music with the Haden Family.
This power trio delivers a blend of rhythmically angular and melodically obscure alternative rock with expert precision.
Amy's debut album presents melodically rich, unmistakably English, confessional pop.
Lame of brain, turgid of tempo and melodically uninspired, Dark Horse is not, by Mike Kroeger's own admission, "some huge departure from our past efforts".
Whisper it quietly among the hipsters - who get all flustered when a band containing oversized Canadians is used as a reference point - but this matches Barenaked Ladies' standards of bittersweet, melodically sussed, smarty pants pop.
The Troubs are a Liverpool/Wigan four-piece cut from the same melodically astute and lyrically direct cloth as Merseybeat supremos The La's.
In what is the freshest and most melodically joyful outing of the week, the lads from Bergen in Norway make a cracking debut.