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1. Having the excitement and emotional appeal of melodrama: "a melodramatic account of two perilous days spent among the planters" (Frank O. Gatell).
2. Exaggeratedly emotional or sentimental; histrionic: "Accuse me, if you will, of melodramatic embroidery" (Erskine Childers).
3. Characterized by false pathos and sentiment.

mel′o·dra·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.melodramatically - as in a melodramamelodramatically - as in a melodrama; "here, the hero is melodramatically reunited with the heroine"
2.melodramatically - in an overly emotional mannermelodramatically - in an overly emotional manner; "she acted melodramatically when she called for help"
بِصورَة مَسْرَحِيَّه عاطِفِيَّه
melodrámai módon
á melódramatískan hátt
acıklı/dokunaklı bir şekilde


[ˌmeləʊdrəˈmætɪklɪ] ADVmelodramáticamente


[ˌmɛləʊdrəˈmætɪklɪ] advin modo melodrammatico


(ˈmelədraːmə) noun
1. a (type of) play in which emotions and the goodness or wickedness of the characters are exaggerated greatly.
2. (an example of) behaviour similar to a play of this sort. He makes a melodrama out of everything that happens.
ˌmelodraˈmatic (-drəˈmӕ-) adjective
ˌmelodraˈmatically adverb
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His handsome face assumed a melodramatically gentle expression and he held out his hand.
Charlie laid himself out flat, melodramatically begging someone to take him away and hang him; but Archie, who felt worst of all, said nothing except to vow within himself that he would read to Mac till his own eyes were as red as a dozen emery bags combined.
That insinuating gentleman sighed deeply, fixed his eyes on the spinster aunt's face for a couple of minutes, started melodramatically, and suddenly withdrew them.
Hands on hips, eyes closed melodramatically, head shaking in superior disdain.
They include the purposefully disturbing medical program melodramatically titled 'Body Bizarre.
Punctuated for maximal effect by sounds of rhythmic drumming, gusting wind, cracking thunder, and a mournful flute score, the video's audio track was otherwise composed of melodramatically intoned approximations of Jin and Zhiying's verse in Bahsa Indonesian, English, Ilocano, and Tagalog.
When my mother-in-law finally and melodramatically insisted that her daughter make a choice--her or me--my love calmly opened our door and ushered her out.
In the clunkiest edit in the film, Renzi melodramatically cuts from the moment of impact to the title card.
It's clear talking to McCook that he doesn't take himself too terribly seriously, and likes to wryly mock drag queens who do, melodramatically imitating a (probably not hypothetical) drag queen exclaiming, "It's a disgrace to the profession of female illusions
I'll never be happy again', I say melodramatically, almost luxuriously to myself; while the car turns the corner into Clyde Street and begins to labour up the hill that leads to the town: and, beyond the town, the whole wide world.
I suppose that the text of "Insomnia" is most like a Heine lied to begin with, so that, on first hearing, the setting emerged more melodramatically as an interplay of conventional and new in the way of art song.
There is no doubt while reading the novel that the love-triangle between Salman, Karim and Diana is bound to end in some kind of tragedy -- an expectation that plays out quite melodramatically.