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Noun1.melon vine - any of various fruit of cucurbitaceous vines including: muskmelonsmelon vine - any of various fruit of cucurbitaceous vines including: muskmelons; watermelons; cantaloupes; cucumbers
melon - any of numerous fruits of the gourd family having a hard rind and sweet juicy flesh
gourd vine, gourd - any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds
Cucumis melo, muskmelon, sweet melon, sweet melon vine - any of several varieties of vine whose fruit has a netted rind and edible flesh and a musky smell
cucumber, cucumber vine, Cucumis sativus - a melon vine of the genus Cucumis; cultivated from earliest times for its cylindrical green fruit
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"I shall order you destroyed in a few minutes, so you will have no need to ruin our pretty melon vines and berry bushes.
The water melon vines treated at 2.5% concentration + NPK fertilizers @120-75-60 kg ha-1 produced highest fruit yield (27.86 t ha-1) followed by foliar Urea application at 2.0% concentration and foliar Urea at 1.5% concentration in addition to NPK fertilizers @120-75-60 kg ha-1 with an average fruit yield of 27.15 and 26.70 t ha-1, respectively.
Our crippled summer's sunflowers rise up twenty feet, so cartoonish here above the rot of cucumber and melon vines charred like nests of poisoned baby snakes.