melt away

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w>melt away

(fig)sich auflösen; (crowd)dahinschmelzen; (anger, anxiety)verfliegen; (suspicion, money)zerrinnen
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"You must bring us each a jewel that will never vanish from our hands as these have done," they said, "and we will each give of our fire; and when the child is brought to life, you must bring hither all the jewels you can gather from the depths of the sea, that we may try them here among the flames; but if they melt away like these, then we shall keep you prisoner, till you give us back the light we lend.
I cannot breathe the flames that give you life, and but for this snow-mantle I too should melt away, and vanish like the jewels in your hands.
"O give us this!" cried they; "it is far lovelier than all the rest, and does not melt away like them; and see how brilliantly it glitters in our hands.
If Pinocchio cried much longer, the little woman thought he would melt away, so she finally admitted that she was the little Fairy with Azure Hair.
Adam had brought himself to think of seeing Hetty, if she would consent to see him, because he thought the meeting might possibly be a good to her--might help to melt away this terrible hardness they told him of.
Oh, it was no joke." She saw two women as he spoke, one old, the other young, watching their inheritance melt away. She saw them greet him as a deliverer.
Barbecues and char grills are too hot and will cause the steak's marbled fat to flame and melt away, resulting in a dry steak.
PS I'VE seen experienced players melt away in the unbearable pressure of penalty shoot-outs.
Today the cloud will tend to break and melt away. More considerable cloud will persist over parts of the Upper Thracian Plain and Southeast Bulgaria.
points work Don't let melt away "I have a folder with all my points in chronological order and I tot them up every quarter.
decades of progress seem to melt away in the time it takes to walk from the humming laboratories of MIT to the cash-strapped elementary schools just a few blocks away." Ito and Howe pepper their book with old-school slogans: "Question authority," "Be prepared to walk away," and "Get out of your comfort zone." But they also crack open new paradigms for grasping a confounding future that arrives every day.