melt down

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v. melt·ed, melt·ing, melts
1. To be changed from a solid to a liquid state especially by the application of heat.
2. To dissolve: Sugar melts in water.
3. To disappear or vanish gradually as if by dissolving: The crowd melted away after the rally.
4. To pass or merge imperceptibly into something else: Sea melted into sky along the horizon.
5. To become softened in feeling: Our hearts melted at the child's tears.
6. Obsolete To be overcome or crushed, as by grief, dismay, or fear.
1. To change (a solid) to a liquid state especially by the application of heat.
2. To dissolve: The tide melted our sand castle away.
3. To cause to disappear gradually; disperse.
4. To cause (units) to blend: "Here individuals of all races are melted into a new race of men" (Michel Guillaume Jean de Crèvecoeur).
5. To soften (someone's feelings); make gentle or tender.
1. A melted solid; a fused mass.
2. The state of being melted.
a. The act or operation of melting.
b. The quantity melted at a single operation or in one period.
4. A usually open sandwich topped with melted cheese: a tuna melt.
Phrasal Verb:
melt down
1. To undergo a meltdown. Used of a nuclear reactor.
2. To undergo a failure or collapse.
3. To become very angry or upset.

[Middle English melten, from Old English meltan; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]

melt′a·bil′i·ty n.
melt′a·ble adj.
melt′er n.
melt′ing·ly adv.
melt′y adj.
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Verb1.melt down - reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heatingmelt down - reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating; "melt butter"; "melt down gold"; "The wax melted in the sun"
fuse - make liquid or plastic by heating; "The storm fused the electric mains"
try, render - melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities; "try the yak butter"; "render fat in a casserole"
dissolve, break up, resolve - cause to go into a solution; "The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water"
bleed, run - be diffused; "These dyes and colors are guaranteed not to run"

w>melt down

vt sepeinschmelzen
vi (reactor core)schmelzen
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The coastal prefecture of Fukushima has faced a difficult road since a devastating earthquake and tsunami rocked the area in 2011, killing tens of thousands and causing its nuclear reactor to melt down, leaking radiation and rendering the surrounding provinces uninhabitable.
On a hot day, an ice cream cone is the perfect treat--until it starts to melt down your hand.
Even though SDSM announced that it will melt down all bronze monuments when seizing power, this will surely not happen because SDSM did not do this with the Millennium Cross either.
2 and 3 reactors also could melt down has been pointed out.
If children are reading this, do not melt down a jet engine at home.
The Inspirational Award was scooped by Bodringallt Youth Club for their interpretation of global warming, Melt Down Planet Earth.
Because if the euro crashes at least you could melt down the coins and bring the molten metals to the local pawnbrokers.