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 (mĕm′wär′, -wôr′)
1. An account of the personal experiences of an author.
2. often memoirs An autobiography.
3. A biography or biographical sketch.
4. A report, especially on a scientific or scholarly topic.
5. memoirs The report of the proceedings of a learned society.

[French mémoire, from Old French memoire, memory, from Latin memoria; see memory.]

mem′oir·ist n.
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(ˈmɛm wɑr ɪst, -wɔr-)

a person who writes memoirs.
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The Russian memoirist Nadezhda Mandelstam observed that much evil happened under Soviet rule because fearful people abdicated responsibility and came to justify what happened as inevitable.
Among the most prominent of those driven into exile is playwright, poet, novelist, cartoonist, essayist, and memoirist Ariel Dorfman.
Finally, in a central convergence, each memoirist so conflates his relation to the Church with his relation to his father that the latter comes to personify the former.
However accurately or cunningly the memoirist presents the past, once out of the pen, typewriter, or word processor, the author loses control of these materials and they take on a life of their own.
traveler, memoirist. Born in Connecticut, Ledyard attended Dartmouth, then went to sea and subsequently served in Captain Cook's journey of exploration.
(1872 - 1956) Spanish novelist and memoirist. A cynical stoic and disillusioned idealist, Baroja was a member of the individualistic Generacion del 98.
Palm of Hand: Memoir Writing Workshop facilitated by poet, publisher, and oral memoirist Michael Czarnecki.
Continue reading "Meet Haroon Moghul, the Muslim Memoirist Who Works With Zionists to Try and Forge Islamic-Jewish Ties" at...
Josep Pla was a political and cultural journalist, biographer, travel writer, memoirist, essayist, novelist, and "foodie" whose collected works include thirty-eight volumes.
The site features an eclectic mix of Anglesey-related material, from authors such as Charles Dickens, Amlwch memoirist Bryan Hope, contemporary Druid Kris Hughes, and medieval historian Sara Elin Roberts.
The other guest editors are artist and director Sam Taylor-Wood, Diana Athill, the literary editor and memoirist, Private Eye founder Richard Ingrams and Dame Clara Furse, a former head of the London School of Economics.