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1. A person who writes memoirs.
2. A person who writes or signs a memorial.


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who writes or presents a memorial
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a writer of a memoir or memoirs


(məˈmɔr i ə lɪst, -ˈmoʊr-)

1. a person who writes memorials.
2. a person who writes memoirs.
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Mechanicians, natural philosophers, soldiers, sailors, petitioners, memorialists, people with grievances, people who wanted to prevent grievances, people who wanted to redress grievances, jobbing people, jobbed people, people who couldn't get rewarded for merit, and people who couldn't get punished for demerit, were all indiscriminately tucked up under the foolscap paper of the Circumlocution Office.
Marcus M (2015) The Memorialist Tradition in Italian Film through an Unlikely Lens: Pierfrancesco Diliberto's "La mafia uccide solo d'estate".
5) The memorialist himself admits that it "seems an absurdity" and declares it to be his task, he tells us, to "justify" the project as something fundamentally serious.
His friend and memorialist, the architect Thomas Gildard, writing about the magnificent large window near the base of the tower of the Caledonia Road Church, noted that it was 'the grandest individual architectural mere part that I had ever seen [.
29) The work of the historian comes together with that of the memorialist in the practice of maintaining the Memorbuch, a list commemorating the lives of the persecuted; in Le Cheval blanc de Lenine, the narrator references this practice in listing the names of the martyrs of her own family along with their birthdates, the convoy number, and the date of deportation (181-83).
A memorialist often steps back to find meaning, but from a personal, not a social or political, perspective.
The monument was designed by memorialist Lisa Ponder of Eugene-based Heritage Stone, who called the turnout to the celebration "a history teacher's dream come true.
The Marvelous Discourse is contrasted with the sympathetic portrait of memorialist and courtier, Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur de Brantome, a direct response to what he saw as a text 'more full of lies than truth' (p.
23) An experienced novelist and memorialist, Pocock had published a number of his works with John Murray and believed that his publisher would be interested in Steele's work.
Having experienced two miscarriages myself, one a second trimester loss and the second an early loss, in my own experience, I believe the Activist and Memorialist roles are intimately intertwined.
In particular, she points out the memorialist impulse at work in both films and concludes that each represents "cinematic tomb inscriptions" ("In Memoriam" 292) that memorialize two forgotten martyrs.